Temporary Construction Fencing & Barricades

Temporary Construction Fencing & Barricades

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Size: 6' x 10'

Days: 30 Day Rental



  • Dumpster Dogs Temporary fencing panels are available in a standard 10′ x 6′ size, are secured with a clamp, and come with a T-stand. They can adapt to any configuration your site requires.
  • We service all types of short and long term construction projects for commercial, corporate, residential, municipalities, and schools. You can also always count on our 5 star customer service and reliability.
  • Keep your jobsite, workers and the public safe with temporary construction fencing. Our fencing is OSHA compliant, and we are fully insured and bonded.


With the construction fencing services of Austin Rent Fence, you can keep your construction site safe and secure without spending a fortune. Our fences ensure the security of your site, protecting your equipment and keeping you free from liability issues. Our fencing can be made to be nearly invisible and is available for both residential and commercial sites.

No job is too big or small for us. Whether you're securing a complete construction complex or simply a backyard swimming pool, we are there to help you. Our fencing comes in a variety of colors and is OSHA compliant.

We have specific fencing options for different building codes and carry all the policies the construction jobs require. Call us today at (512) 213-0442 for a FREE estimate and assistance with filling out any necessary paperwork. Same-day and next-day appointments are available.


  • Construction Projects
  • Site Security
  • Swimming Pools
  • Disaster Clean-Up
  • Demolition Projects
  • And More

Looking for construction fence rentals that offer a temporary solution as you work on your building project? At Dumpster Dogs, we have various options, including fence panels, post-driven fencing, crowd control barricades, and temporary fencing accessories. Our team will build a temporary fence around your worksite with these panels. Blocking off specific areas with a durable barricade keeps the space safer for workers, pedestrians, and other individuals. Some of our construction panel fencing, such as fence panels, are portable, so you can move them as needed. If you’re unsure which type of fence you need or have other questions, our team can help. Contact us with all your questions about our construction fence rentals or for a free quote.

The cost of a temporary fence rental in Austin varies and may be impacted by availability, type of fencing, rental length, and other factors. 97.92% of our sites are temporary chain-link fences, but we also offer plastic mesh fencing, barricades, and more. In addition, we can supply add-ons such as privacy and windscreens to meet your needs.

Chain link temporary fencing is made of steel wire and is one of the most popular temporary fencing options. Use it to secure construction sites, direct foot traffic at outdoor events, and everything in between. Simply roll out the desired length and attach fencing stakes to keep it in place. These sturdy fences can withstand inclement weather and stay put once installed. A chain link temporary fence is an excellent choice for just about any project because it is effective, affordable, and easy to install, move, and remove.

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